Daily Points: Points for Good Boys

Acquiring DPs:

  • 1 Acquired per natural 20 rolled
  • 1 Acquired per PC level up
  • 1 Acquired per long rest (per PC)
  • 1 Acquired per in-game-session (at start of session, per PC)
  • 1 Acquired per in-game day passed (per PC, usually coinciding, with long rests, but not in addition to)

Players can spend DPs individually while in towns to do the following:

  • Skirt the local dives to learn Information about magical items (1 or more spent)
  • Appraise current goods (1 spent)
  • Attune to legendary magical items (1 spent)
  • Partake in rituals (usually 1 spent)
  • Investigate (1 or more spent)
  • Practice a profession, if trained; earning money and EXP (1 or more spent, TBD)
  • Train skills, feats, and boons (spent in blocks of 3 or more). Training Skills, Feats, and Boons
  • Hunt, earning EXP (1 or more spent) Hunting
  • Travel; to another town already visited (spending 1 DP for each day’s travel taken to reach the destination).

Daily Points: Points for Good Boys

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