While in an established city, town, outpost, trade-post, or other non-temporary dwelling; PCs can spend DP’s to hunt and gain EXP.

Player Level / EXP per DP spent Hunting
4th: 150 EXP
5th: 250 EXP
6th: 500 EXP
7th: 600 EXP
8th: 750 EXP
9th: 900 EXP
10th: 1100 EXP
11th: 1200 EXP
12th: 1610 EXP
13th 2000 EXP
14th: 2200 EXP
15th: 2500 EXP
16th: 2800 EXP
17th: 3225 EXP
18th: 3920 EXP
19th: 4210 EXP

Diminishing Index
Each town has its own diminishing index (DI). Each additional day’s EXP spent hunting out of the same town within the same week is multiplied by the inverse square of the town’s DI. E.g. if Menzoberranzan has a DI of 2, each additional day beyond the first that you hunt out of Menzoberranzan receives 1/2 as much exp, with the third day receiving 1/4 as much, the fourth receiving 1/8th, and so on. Spending 7 DPs to hunt out of Menzoberranzan at level 6 within the same month would yield 500 + 250 + 125 + 62 + 31 + 15 + 7 = 990 EXP.

Minimum and Maximum CR
Towns can host Minimum and Maximum CR values, which may affect EXP values from hunting.

Ranger Shit
Favored Enemy, Favored Terrain, etc, should have a positive impact on hunting values.


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